Underpinning Strategy with Customer Experience

A multi-million dollar division seeks to remain the gold standard in DNA design and manufacturing.

Leaders within both the division and the $5 billion enterprise realize that a clear path forward is required for coordination and optimal performance among functional areas (e.g., Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, Customer Service).  A rigorous, multi-year plan that is rooted in the customer experience and directly links with overall corporate goals is requested.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo worked with a 15 member core team, company stakeholders across the globe, and the Corporate Strategic Counsel to define the customer’s desired experience and formulate and communicate the five-year strategic plan.

  • Interviewed ~90 customers and internal users in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, and compiled more than 100 data driven trends to determine and prioritize key areas of focus for the division
  • Defined the intended customer experience; the guide post for all future strategic and tactical initiatives and a communication and alignment tool with customers and corporate team members
  • Articulated strategic direction statements containing tangible objectives for delivering the customer experience
  • Developed a detailed roadmap, based on strategic direction statements, that included how to close capability gaps uncovered through comprehensive analysis
  • Shared the strategic direction and immediate actions with stakeholders globally via a comprehensive communication roadshow


Stakeholders believe a path has been chartered that will maintain and build upon past success.  Executives and team members are aligned and beginning to implement the new plan.  Customers involved in developing the plan are on-board.  Product Management is given the lead to ensure that other functional areas such as Manufacturing build the needed tactical improvements into their annual planning and budgeting, and progress is monitored.