Installing Project and Resource Management

A provider of identity authentication technology and services is undergoing a “rebirth” and has set aggressive revenue and cost targets. 

The CEO recognizes that more rigorous operational controls are required to ensure effective use of limited resources and successful completion of key projects.  The CEO also plans to restructure the management team and reporting structure.  SimpatiCo is brought on board to provide trusted advice and “make things happen”, based on the CEO’s first-hand knowledge of SimpatiCo’s strong project and team management skills.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo worked as a member of a six person executive team, providing guidance and structure regarding project, operational, and organizational management. 

  • Compiled consistent view of objectives, requirements, and expected results for approximately 20 projects enabling understanding and prioritization
  • Developed project tracking templates detailing resource requirements, usage, and financials for professional services client and internal projects
  • Instituted standard communications methods for CEO and other management team members using a streamlined metrics dashboard
  • Drafted organizational structure changes and provided matrix of key activities and associated management team members’ responsibilities
  • Devised and implemented a revised time sheet reporting process to ensure effective, efficient inputs to project management and client billing
  • Initiated a sales pipeline report and update process to better forecast resource needs


The CEO has a significantly higher degree of comfort with project progress, resource utilization, and project financials. Processes for ensuring effective management of client margins are in place.  Key management team positions have been filled, and the new team has a structured way to communicate with respect to key project activities.  More than half of the initial projects have been completed and priorities for others have been established.  The new management team is poised to hold a strategic planning session with more robust information and processes available to make informed decisions.