Implementing Global Marketing Services

A Fortune 100 company manufacturing in countries around the world recognizes the need to better leverage assets, skills, and market opportunities to sustain global growth. 

The Senior Executive Team embarks on a transformational journey impacting global organization structure and processes. Product Management, Marketing and core support functions must work together around shared global operating principles.

Based on prior work with the company in the area of customer focus, SimpatiCo is asked to support Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support Executives in the development and implementation of Global Marketing Services.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo takes the lead consultative role in organization and process design, as well as managing multiple process implementation teams.

  • Gained global agreement among Executives regarding the key Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support activities and competencies required, both globally and regionally, as the basis for how to best structure the organization
  • Analyzed and prioritized key factors for structuring geographic regions
  • Facilitated executive consensus to create global functions responsible for market and product opportunities, marketing services, customer and product support, and extensions of the product portfolio
  • Worked with geographically diverse teams responsible for defining the vision and link to global operating principles, organization structure and roles/responsibilities, efficiency and effectiveness improvements, implementation team charters, and communication requirements for each newly approved global function
  • Assisted implementation teams with global process and metric development and rollout, as well as ongoing initiative management


The new global organization resulting from the combination of divisions, the reorientation of geographies, and revised functions and processes has significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness.  Better coordination is occurring among Manufacturing, Engineering, and Marketing.  Global marketing competencies have been further developed, decision-making has become clearer, and future investment more focused.  The company is poised to meet aggressive growth goals.