Expanding Current Products into Solutions

A major, wireless network operator is focused on growing the business, both in-region and outside their spectrum area. 

The increasing importance of wireless data, the opportunity to service heightening demand from business customers (particularly those with a mobile workforce), a flattening of voice subscribers, and the commoditizing of communications transport are all trends affecting the company.

Current initiatives to serve business customers have been limited and predominantly product or feature oriented, as opposed to solution-based.  The General Manager of Wireless Data turned to SimpatiCo based on a history of delivering actionable strategies that are grounded in solid analysis and organizational mobilization.

SimpatiCo’s Role

We worked with the GM and his direct reports to develop the concept of mobile business solutions, solidifying support from the Wireless business unit President and other key influencers throughout the multi-faceted communications company.  Specifically, SimpatiCo delivered the following:

  • Defined mobile business solutions, including the network of competencies needed to deliver solutions
  • Sized the mobile business solution market
  • Categorized current market solutions (including participating companies and their partnerships), identified the value provided to customers, and provided relevant observations for each category
  • Analyzed more than 20 companies participating in the market, and completed a summary of partnership potential based on competencies
  • Guided selection of target sectors and potential beta tests
  • Structured an implementation plan that included a summary of capabilities in other units of the company that could be leveraged for solution creation and delivery


The wireless unit has an actionable framework for delivering a significant business opportunity, as well as broad-based buy-in to move forward.  Beta tests have been established to gather essential customer feedback.  New roles and responsibilities have been outlined with leadership positions being filled to develop, market, and sell mobile business solutions.  The GM and his team are well positioned and eager to continue pursuit of an emerging market.