Developing Business Solution Offerings

A diversified communications company seeks to create and sell solutions to business customers across the U.S.

The company has an array of products and services that can be leveraged (e.g., hosting, IP backbone, and professional services) and recognizes the importance of partnerships in solution development and delivery. SimpatiCo, a long-time trusted advisor, is asked by the Wireless Division to play a key role on the team responsible for achieving organizational objectives.

SimpatiCo’s Role

Working with the Wireless division, Corporate Business Development, and other business units, SimpatiCo provided subject matter expertise and analysis.

  • Defined potential solutions for the hotels/resorts and convention/event business sectors, including customer benefits, profile of typical buyers, degree of system integration required, competitive overview, and key components of revenue generation
  • Detailed business models for two hotel/resort solutions to be used for the development and evaluation of a specific customer solution or partnership opportunity
  • Quantified the value created within a “representative” manufacturing solution; indication of revenue and margin expectations for value components delivered by the company and those delivered by partners
  • Identified potential partners, developed communication presentations, and participated in alliance discussions with professional services and handheld device players


The Wireless division has a clear path for delivering mobile business solutions.  Having completed solid analyses, initiated partnership discussions, and begun to fill a sales pipeline, members of the team are viewed as key contributors in a broader strategic direction for the entire corporate entity.