Developing a Multi-Year Strategic Plan

A provider of technology and services to the banking industry is faced with a rapidly changing marketplace and aging products. 

The company determines that a multi-year strategic plan is required and external assistance is needed to drive a more comprehensive process than has previously been undertaken.  SimpatiCo is asked to lead the effort based on experience within the financial services industry and a view of the future of payments.  The company’s CEO and President are interested in more than a report and look to SimpatiCo to work with the organization to develop implementable strategies.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo worked with an eight member Executive Team and a 20 member Planning Group to formulate a three-year strategic plan.

  • Compiled more than 60 trends with supporting data and summarized key drivers of change impacting the company
  • Provided a framework used by each of 11 business units to document multi-year planning information, such as customer penetration, product life cycles, and competitive positioning
  • Identified potential strategic opportunities, conducted a prioritization process, and analyzed selected opportunities, including demand spend potential, competitive environment, capabilities required, revenue and margin potential, and high-level implementation steps
  • Articulated the company vision and strategic themes, as well as the supporting business line strategies
  • Depicted the payments landscape, including market sizing, distribution of value among player types, key impacts of the changing landscape, and representative competitive offerings being developed


The company has approval from the Board of Directors to pursue a comprehensive strategic plan, and a program management office is established to drive execution.  The Executive Team has agreed goals and enhanced appreciation for the value of strategic planning to facilitate linkage of the business units and focus investment and acquisition processes.  A more complete picture of their landscape will be used with potential customers and partners to illustrate the company’s thought leadership.