Designing a Global Product Portfolio Management Process

A Fortune 100 manufacturer is experiencing strong global growth.

A newly created global organization is responsible for defining market opportunities and coordinating with multiple regional sales and global manufacturing organizations to define products and services.  The process of prioritizing and selecting opportunities must be redesigned to leverage this new global function and meet global growth goals.

Given SimpatiCo’s previous role in designing the new organization, the Director asks for support developing and rolling out processes.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo assists with the formation of global implementation teams and works with each team to meet deliverables.

  • Coordinated with the overall Team Lead to frame required implementation activities, form and launch multiple sub teams, and manage progress daily
  • Supported development of global value chains as the basis for new market opportunities
  • Guided global definition of common terms, standardization of documentation, and evaluation criteria for market opportunities and product/service concepts to address the opportunity
  • Facilitated the redesign of the division-wide process for defining, communicating, and prioritizing market opportunities including executive review of value chains and competition
  • Assisted with process documentation and training, including a major conference to bring the entire new global organization together for the first time


The decision-making process regarding product and service development funding has undergone significant redesign impacting the entire Division.  Executives are now engaged in product and service portfolio decisions based on a globally consistent view of the market, the priority opportunities that exist and what’s required to capitalize on those priorities.  A consistent cadence is being used throughout the year to align with Division strategic planning and budgeting timelines.  The process has been codified and coordinated with the enterprise-wide product development process.  The newly created global function’s role has been clarified and contribution to meeting global growth demonstrated.