Achieving Growth through Partnerships

A global equipment manufacturer recognizes that meeting its aggressive growth goals will require collaborative business relationships. 

Whether through acquisitions or partnerships, non-organic growth requires more formal management.  Executives understand that new standardized processes and organizational functions must be implemented globally and well-coordinated with existing operations.

Based on SimpatiCo’s past success delivering change within the company, Directors with responsibility for dealing with external companies ask SimpatiCo to assist with organization and process development.

SimpatiCo’s Role

SimpatiCo provides thought leadership, communication assistance, and project management expertise.

  • Offered options for the organizational structure, including definition of roles responsible for managing product that is manufactured non-organically
  • Assisted in developing plans to transform current resources and responsibilities to achieve expanded global role
  • Designed a framework for categorizing external business relationships and identified target companies for collaboration; provided input to standard agreement templates
  • Developed checklist for achieving the objectives of a collaborative business relationship
  • Helped set guidelines for integrating external companies’ processes with existing/organic procedures such as product development and customer acquisition (e.g., through the use of an Integrated Solutions Delivery Council)


The global organization is in place to more proactively benefit from external business relationships.   Target companies are being pursued and progress toward objectives is being tracked.  The organization clearly understands roles and responsibilities for internal and external involvement.  Manufacturing and Marketing are beginning to see the advantages of reaching beyond current organizational capabilities.